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Cashmere People Yarns

Knits and Pieces is proud to offer yarns produced by Cashmere People Yarns.? These fibers are created in an ethically sourced, environmentally conscious manner, and handspun and hand-dyed by women in Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Each skein is labeled with the spinner's name and biography, and each purchase of this yarn makes her life a little easier, and gives her a little more autonomy. Learn more about Cashmere People yarns at


Cashgora Sport: 100g/approx 350 yards (each skein is different) Cream Colored

Cashgora DK: 100g/approx 220 yards (each skein is different) Light and dark colors

Cashmere DK: 100g/approx 200 yards (each skein is different) Cream Colored

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