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BinkWaffle Cozy Cakes

Holly is an avid knitter and creator of Binkwaffle, offering fun modern solutions to knitting and fiber-loving needs.  Her Cozy Cakes yarn cozies use top-quality jersey fabrics and keep your yarn neat and tidy throughout the maker process. Most of these small-batch products are made on top of a North Carolina mountain or in a sun-lit 3rd floor studio in northeast Oklahoma. 

Binkwaffles come in three sizes:

Small (formerly Cupcake): approx. 3.5"h x 3.25"w, fits most 50g balls of yarn

Medium (formerly Birthday Cake): approx. 4"h x 4.5"w. fits most 100g balls of yarn
Large (formerly Wedding Cake): approx. 5"h x 6"w, fits most bulky 100g balls of yarn

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