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Is your project half on, half off the needles? In time out? Don't let a mistake derail your project - learn how to fix your own mistakes!

Cost: $ 40.00
Have you knit a basic raglan sweater before and now you're ready to graduate to new and different types of sweater construction? Have we got a gorgeous cardigan for you!

Cost: $ 120.00
Knits and Pieces offers semi-private Learn to Knit sessions. Beginning Knitting Classes are comprised of 3 - 90 minute sessions.

Cost: $ 89.00
Learn to Knit Socks Toe Up! In this class, you'll knit socks from the toe up rather than from the cuff down. The advantage? You can try on the socks as you go, for a perfect fit every time. You don't need to graft the toes and there is practically no finishing work, just fun socks!

Cost: $ 89.00

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